Monday, August 23, 2010

About Apache Asia RoadShow in Shanghai

I attended Apache Asia RoadShow in ShangHai during last weekend[1], and I'm a speaker of session with subject OSGi OVERVIEW. This session is mainly cover some basic concepts of OSGi and I also go through several Apache projects which are related to OSGi, of course including FUSE[2] ESB(which is based on Apache Servicemix and the Apache Karaf)

There're dozens of audiences who are interested in OSGi and related Apache projects. The Q&A period is a little bit long but my session time is out before I'm aware of it, so I have to stand in the corridor surrounded with several guys who still wanna ask questions. Those questions not only focus on the technical area, but they are also want to know What's FUSE[2], how many guys in FUSE team and where they are, how we work together and so on.

This is the third time I attend Apache Asia RoadShow, last two times it's in Beijing, the city I'm living now. This time several apache commiters in China also attend, most of them work for IBM on Apache Geronimo and Harmony. There's a party after this event, where I have a good chat with Nicolas Hedhman, who created ops4j and he said he is very close with several guys from FUSE[2] team. How small the world is! :-)

Here is the feedback[3] about this event, I'm so glad that most audience select my speech "OSGi Overview" as favorate  afternoon sessions.


Friday, August 6, 2010

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